Featured Career Highlights

Affiliations (Memberships): Fairfield-Suisun Unified Teachers Association (F-SUTA), Site Representative, Elected Member, Executive Board; California Teachers Association, Liaison; Fairfield-Suisun Arts Council; Salon Choral Society; Fairfield Civic Theater; Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Association

Civic: Rotary; President, Music For Our Children; Performing Arts Network; Chair, Fairfield-Suisun Arts Council; Solano County Arts Alliance; Solano College Theater Association; Harvard Theater; Elder, Pianist, Local Church; Support, Many Local Charities; Support, Safari Park Zoo; Active, Crock Center Salvation Army; Active, Food Bank in Solano to raise funds and deliver food; Active, Pedals for Protein; Active, Heifer International

Awards: Teacher of the Year, Fairfield Union Teacher’s Association, 2008-2009; Woman of the Year Award; Volunteer of the Year, Fairfield County

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